Our leaders have a passion to serve.  They strive to make each and every service the best that it can be.  These are a list of our area leaders with a little information on them and their areas of service.  If you think you would like to volunteer in one of these areas contact the leader shown.

  • Matt Griswold - Lead Pastor

    Matt is a man that understands that everyone has a past. He is not concerned about where a person has been, but is very interested in leading them to understand the love that God has for them. He seeks to preach sermons that are applicable and relevant to today's society. He believes that God has a plan and purpose for each individual. Matt seeks to present God's word so that people may come to understand it better.

    Matt and his wife, Mary, have two daughters; Emma and Lydia.

  • Jack Bain - Worship Leader

    Jack works alongside Pastor Matt in leading the people of Connexion to a deeper understanding of Jesus Christ, through music. Jack loves connecting with people and developing new relationships. Jack has a true heart for worship, and a desire to see others understand more about Jesus.

    Jack is married to Lynn, and they have one son, Tristen, and two daughters; Jacquelin Rector and Chelsea Delaney.

  • Colton Bauer-Greer - Intern Pastor

    Colton is the Intern Pastor at Connexion. He enjoys helping others engage in the different ministry areas at Connexion. Colton and his team have a heart for identifying needs, and helping to fulfill them. He also enjoys spreading the word of Jesus to all people, especially the ones who have not witnessed his love and mercy.

    Colton is married to Christina. They have a daughter, Caid Mackenzie. 

  • Jake and Hannah Capps - Youth Leaders

    Jake and Hannah are the Youth Leaders at Connexion. They aspire to help the children in our youth group learn how to live and love like Jesus. They want to help them gain a deeper understanding of our Lord's love for them, and the importance of serving others. They enjoy the time they get to spend sharing stories and connecting with Connexion's youth.

  • Jennifer Barbian- Kidz Rock Leader

    Jennifer is the Kidz Rock Leader for Connexion. Even as a small child, Jennifer has always had the passion to teach. She is grateful for the opportunity to share Christ's love with the kids while having fun. Her desire is that they will always know that God loves them unconditionally and wants a relationship with them. 

    Jennifer and her husband, Adam, have twin girls named Addison and Gracie.

  • Mary Griswold - Preschool Leader

    Mary is the Preschool Leader for Connexion.  She has been blessed with the opportunity to teach to our preschoolers for the last 10 years, and has loved watching them grow. She has a desire for them to learn to live and love like Jesus as early in their lives as possible. At Connexion our children learn God's Word in a fun, hands on, and relevant way. We want our preschoolers to know that God loves them, is always there for them, and wants to be their friend forever!

    Mary is married to Matt. Together they have two daughters: Emma and Lydia.

  • Rick and Jennifer Benedict - First Impressions

    Rick and Jennifer strive to make an environment that our guests and regular attenders will find warm, friendly and caring. It is the desire of First Impression members to work as a team to serve others. We offer you popcorn, coffee and water to enjoy while attending Connexion. 

    Rick and Jennifer have two daughter: Sierra and Karlee

  • Lee Downen - Audio and Visual

    Lee is the Audio/Visual leader at Connexion.  He enjoys creating an atmosphere that helps others be more comfortable in their time of worship.  Lee is very thankful for the team he has.  They all work diligently to help make your worship experience great!

    Lee is married to Chrissy. Together, they have one son, Dominic.